Pregnancy is a gift of god but a woman needs to have enough of luck to have this gift. A child will not only bring happiness to your life but will also complete your family. If you make family-planning wisely then only chances of pregnancy can be increased. There are many women seeking pregnancy who have some critical health issues for which they are getting deprived from this blessing of god.

These women need medical attention or assistance so that they can become pregnant easily without any hassles. Your doctor will examine your body and will tell you that what problem is coming in the way of your pregnancy. Until and unless your health odds are improved you will not be able to conceive. You got to have a healthy menstrual-cycle along with a standard fertility-level for having pregnancy.

Some basic preparations are needed in this respect and your doctor will definitely guide you regarding how to follow the essential steps for conceiving early. A perfect prepregancy checklist needs to be prepared and for doing so you can surely make a thorough online-research. You can visit different sites on pregnancy or family-planning for collecting some of the most vital details regarding how to conceive early.

Visit doctor for a healthy consultation

You should visit any experienced gynecologist at your nearest maternity or fertility clinic. The doctor will examine you first and will refer you the best treatment that can speed up the process of egg-fertilization. You should open up with your current health-0issues and the medicines you are taking for the same. Sometimes, it is the chemical reactions of few medicines that slow down the pregnancy process in women. You can also choose any genetic consultant or counselor in case you have been suffering from any genetic diseases like sickle-cell disease or cystic fibrosis. Preconception screening examinations need to be conducted in order to find out the fertility-level. These tests will also reveal that whether you are going to experience any risks at the time of your pregnancy due to these health issues or not.

Get rid of your unhealthy habits

Unhealthy habits especially smoking, alcohol or drug consumption and other related ones will never let you become pregnant easily. In fact, it has been found in many cases that due to prolonged continuation of these unhealthy practices some women lose their fertility completely as a result of which they get deprived from becoming pregnant. In those cases, in order to have a child they have to rely on other means like IVF, artificial insemination, surrogacy and others.

Put a full stop to obesity

Obesity or excessive weight is one of the main reasons that prevent women seeking pregnancy from conceiving. Weight increase does not occur because of irregular eating habits or unfit schedules but they also might occur due to imbalanced thyroid-hormones. Therefore, if you introduce few essential strategies in your life cycle then you can definitely keep your weight under perfect regulation. Maintain proper eating and sleeping time, rely more on veggies, fruits and fibrous foods, exercises daily, stay away from stress, and check your thyroid-levels after every three months for improving your conceiving chances. Your doctor will set a targeted weight for you which are absolutely perfect for becoming pregnant.

Put efforts in lifting up your futility-levels

If your reproductive-system is not fertile enough then it would be quite difficult for you to conceive in a normal or natural way. You should go through a proper fertility-test at your nearest fertility-clinic in order to have a fair idea about the condition of your reproductive-system. It is not always the woman whose poor fertility is responsible for non-pregnancy but sometimes it is the man for whose fertility-level woman fails to conceive. Therefore both the couples should have their fertility-checks done so that doctor could find out who is having the fertility-issue. Some of the most potential ways that can improve your fertility-level are taking B-vitamins with folic-acids; maintain a perfect diet with more dairy-fats and fibers, regular visit to fertility-clinic, taking prescribed medicines and lots more. You also need to bring few important lifestyle changes and should always stay away from unwanted emotional complications like stress, depression, trauma, anxiety and others. These emotional complications directly hit your fertility-level.

Maintain a perfect sex-frequency

The sex frequency needs to be set on the basis of your menstrual-cycles. In this case, you can receive a proper direction from your doctor. Your doctor will give you knowledge regarding when to get intimate with your partner for getting a greater chance of pregnancy. If you are having irregular menstrual-0cycle then first of all that cycle needs to be regularized by means of medications and then only the sex-frequency or timing can be decided accurately.

If you are taking any pills for avoiding pregnancy then you should stop taking them. On the other hand, you and your spouse also need to follow perfect coition positions for bringing pregnancy.

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